Samuel Esan
Samuel Esan
About Me

Hi. I'm Sam, an Angular web developer. I also work with technologies like NodeJS and Docker. My job involves building dockerized micro-services, APIs and Angular applications. I enjoy learning new things by working on personal projects whenever I get the chance!

Web Projects
Formly Editor

An Editor for creating JSON based ngx-formly forms

Formly Editor Image
Import, export or create new JSON based forms and models
Style components using grid or flex layout. Also supports custom classes
Preview field and model changes live
Configurable to support custom ngx-formly components

A app for playing with 2D visualizers, images and gifs that move to the beat!

Vizman Image
Provides lots of control sliders and toggles for endless customization
Move and scale visualizers with touch or mouse input
Spawners can be used to spawn multiple visualizers randomly or at intervals
Speed up or slow down gifs until they're just right

A website that shows detailed information about football fixtures, teams, leagues and players

Footychan! Image
Designed to support multiple device sizes
Data is fetched using the API-Football REST API
Uses a favorites system and localstorage to display preferred items above others
Uses Tailwind CSS for styling
Other Projects
COUNTER 5 Report Tool
COUNTER 5 Report Tool Image

A tool for libraries to harvest and manage their COUNTER-compliant usage reports

Craball Image

A mobile game where you play as a quadrupedal mech, tasked with destroying the zombified humanoid robots that have invaded earth

Tube Ride
Tube Ride Image

My take on the endless-runner genre of mobiles game that involves avoiding obstacles in an endless curving tube

UPEI Panthers
UPEI Panthers Image

An app that provides a native android experience for viewing fixtures and news from the UPEI Panthers website